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* Restrictions apply - Please check our project garden catchment area at the bottom of this page.

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You Can Brief Our Students for LotsĀ of Free Creative Design Ideas


We run four live projects a year on our Professional Garden Design Diploma Course. Each one centres around a real volunteer garden. The client fills out a brief and the students will visit in small groups for usually half a day. You don't need to be there - but you are welcome to speak with the students onsite directly if you prefer. After 6 to 8 weeks each student will have completedĀ their own design package for your garden. Typically the students complete the following for each project:

  • A sketchbook of ideas
  • A site survey and site appraisal
  • A master layout plan, acting like a blueprint for a new design
  • A planting plan of a least one planting area
  • A 3D visual to help you to imagine the design or part of the design
  • At least 1 mood board
  • A 5 minute video describing the overall design concept

Over the past few academic years we have also provided drone videos of project gardens in case of lockdown restrictions. Our clients also benefitted from this record of their gardens as well as scale site plans. You can see a couple of video examples below:

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About Our Professional Diploma

* For practical reasons we can currently only consider project gardens located within a 30 minute drive radius from the school as indicated by the red area on the map.

In certain circumstances, when a garden provides exceptional learning opportunities for our students, we may consider gardens slightly further away (green area). Please get in touch to discuss further.