Meet the Team

As the school grows we are delighted to take on new tutors and visiting lecturers in addition to staff who have been with us for a number of years.   Wide range of teaching staff with substantial industry experience” Excerpt from the Bridgwater & Taunton College external examiners report 2018

Steve Williams    Visiting Tutor

Paul Willavoys    Visiting Tutor

Andy Ball    Visiting Tutor

Caroline Tatham

School Principal

Topsy Vanheuverzwijn    Office


Helena Radford    Office


Nicholas Leitch    Visiting Tutor

Sarah Fletcher    Visiting Tutor

Gary Bristow    Visiting Tutor

Pip Haines    Visiting Tutor

Eleanor Grey    Visiting Tutor


Rebecca Ketley    Visiting Tutor

Richard West    Visiting Tutor

Sarah Lockwood    Visiting Tutor


Charlotte Hastings   Visiting Tutor