Creative Planting Design £120 

Whether you are new to planting or a seasoned professional looking for a creative boost, this highly interactive course will guide you and inspire new ways of thinking about your planting ideas and process.

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Feedback From Caroline

You will receive a task to undertake each day building to a major project at the end of each week with 2 extra weeks for finishing off. There's feedback on your project work from Caroline too.  Just post your design work or questions in the virtual classroom for a response. This is also a great place to meet up with fellow students who may be further along in the course with examples of past design outcomes there as well. Caroline is really looking forward to seeing what you create and supporting you along the way.

Step by Step Demos

Each day there will be a creative topic demonstrated and described by Caroline using methods she haspreviously taught at major art colleges. There will be a project to undertake and to share in our virtual classroom for individual feedback. Caroline will be showing you professional techniques and sharing professional tips to help you to both tap into your own creativity and also produce professional-looking designs. Students are delighted by what they achieve in such a short space of time, and by how satisfying true creativity can be.

 Planting Style Advice

Caroline has carefully compiled a series of projects to cover the themes and styles of planting that she knows her clients and face to face professional students are keen to develop. You will start with a traditional and romantic style mixed border inspired by the art of Monet. You will then move on to consider planting seasonality, structure in the border and how computers can help. The course also includes modern styles of prairie planting, influential and inspirational gardens and designers as well as show gardens and planting trends.

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