One Day Horticulture For Beginners Course

Everything you ever wanted to ask about gardening but didn't like to ask.

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No Question Too Basic

What on earth do words like 'mulch' or 'chitting' mean, and why do they matter? Or do they?

We will go unashamedly right back to basics and no question asked is too simple.

We'll take you through some of the most important topics to know for successful and enjoyable gardening.

We want to move you away from gardening as outdoor housework to you loving every second.

Experienced Tutor

Your tutor has many years of running a professional garden maintenance business across many styles and locations of garden.

She is also a fully qualified garden and planting designer so she can answer your questions on those topics also.

Garden design and maintenance are inextricably linked because the garden is a dynamic space that is ever-changing and so needs maintaining.

Knowing what to do when will help you to stay on top getting the most from your garden.

A Great Place to Start

If you are new to gardening or have rekindled your passion for plants, this is a great course for you.

Your tutor has topics ready to cover all the basics but the course content will vary slightly according to what the group as a whole are interested in.

There's bound to be lots of information on preparing your soil, looking after plants, and getting the most from your garden, but your tutor has lots of other topics such as propagation up their sleeve in case you want to know more.

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If  you are booking for more than one person on the same course, you will have an option to 'Purchase another place on this course' once you have made payment for the first place. Alternatively you are welcome to contact us and we can arrange a block booking for you.

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